Why Web and Mobile?

BookJane knew that the times where their service is of the most value is when extra help is needed in a hurry so it was essential that the process of finding and booking a carer through BookJane was as simple and accessible as possible — via the web and mobile.


Modern technologies

It is hardly news that most iOS applications are developed in the Swift programming language nowadays and Applikey works hard to keep ahead in the innovation game so the BookJane iOS version was developed in Swift 2.2 according to the architecture pattern — VIPER.

Design solutions

When you need emergency help you are likely to also be very stressed, especially when it’s for someone you care for and love so we deliberately chose a color palette that would de-stress the user and a very minimalist style so as to make sure there were minimal distractions.

If you have a glance at the app, you will notice the color violet which stems from blue and when done right, violet signifies strength, peace and wisdom. It has the capacity to bring balance and make you feel inner peace.

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